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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Rampage In Missoula

The mystery thriller novel "Rampage In Missoula" is now available on Amazon!

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He looked deadly and dangerous.  Everything about him looked icy-cold, except for his eyes.  His usually soft blue eyes were blazing like the blue flame from a gas fire.

Lieutenant Catlin is tough--some might say hard--when the situation calls for it.

His partner, Sergeant Delores Delaney, has seen glimpses of flint in his character when he takes down criminals.  She wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that.  No one would.

In a few days, the town of Missoula, Montana, will see Catlin at his toughest.  Whatever it takes, Catlin plans to get justice for those he cares about.

In Rampage In Missoula, Jake Orlo has crafted a fast-paced crime novel to keep you reading until the last page.

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