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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Santa Bum

The Christmas story "The Santa Bum" is now available on Amazon!

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"The Santa Bum" is about a solitary young man named "Jake" who is not rich by anyone's standards.  He does not really like people and more than once he has said out loud, "No people; that'd be great."  On this dark and snowy Christmas Eve, Jake meets a very strange person on the front porch of his house.  He realizes too late that it is not a real person at all.  Jake is now forced to take a journey that examines his life whether he wants to or not.  The big question is; will he still be alive when it's over.

"The Santa Bum" tells a 'Christmas Miracle' story with the same brisk pacing Jake Orlo is known for in his detective murder mysteries.

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